Support and Training

Spreed is optimal for support and training.
  • Remote assistance: With Spreed, your support team may guide customers directly through programs or instruction procedures. If your customer should become uncertain on product operation at some point, he can receive direct insight to using your product correctly. Support employees can, therefore, react quickly, act efficiently, and work economically.

  • Problem solving: Problems can also be solved over Spreed. com. Your support simply guides the customer to the right solution, thereby contributing to a quick reaction to problems. Customer satisfaction cannot be more efficiently targeted. Possible and potential errors can be actively addressed and avoided in advance.

  • Collaborative problem processing: Using the Chat, Screensharing Whiteboard, and MindMap functions, it is of course possible to process problems in a support team. It doesn't matter where employees may find themselves - Spreed brings them together to accelerate and optimize problem solving.

  • Continuing education: Spreed is perfectly suited for continuing education and training of support staff as well as the communication of traps and frequently occurring problems. Training cannot be more cost-advantageous or more efficient.

  • Employee training: Efficiently train employees regionally, nationally, or globally over Spreed. New products, offers, experiences, and methods can be presented, discussed, and communicated. Convey and augment the most important company asset: knowledge. No time restraints, location boundaries, or any other restrictions.

  • Customer training: Company trainers can also instruct customers. Whether explaining the general operation of a product or answering detailed questions, training cannot occur faster, simpler, or more economical than that over Spreed.

  • Partner training: Partner training can be offered in order to guarantee both the quality of the cooperation and the service to the end customer - even when the partner resides abroad. Regular information and updates are part of a functioning partnership. To ensure qualitity, you may even certify your partners using the full online-training functionalities of Spreed.

  • Teamwork: Training materials, support documentation, or inquiry processing: everything accomplished in teams can be accomplished even faster and better with Spreed.