Distribution and Consulting

Using Spreed will immediately boost your revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Sales Presentations: multimedia presentations and individual demonstrations offer the possiblity to directly speak to, persuade, and win customers. With Spreed, PowerPoint and Open Office.org presentations can be held and controlled live. A sales representative is always seen live - building trust and captivating customers. With Chat, Whiteboard, and Screensharing, Spreed simultaneously offers even more fascinating communication levels.

  • Sales Talks: alone or with several colleagues - Spreed allows whole sales teams to cooperatively present together. For example, technology companies can have a pre-sales employee and an account manager available at the same time.

  • Meetings: internal or external - with Spreed, worldwide meetings are easily summoned at short notice. In global teams, necessary to service international enterprises, Spreed is ideal for regular coordination or a "Jour Fixe". Likewise, cross-company teams, along the value creation chain or in projects, obtain a new communication means with Spreed

  • Consulting: cost-compulsory or complimentary consultation meetings achieve new quality with Spreed. Whether as financial advisor presenting brand new developments and products or as company advisor periodically checking results or holding a presentation - consulting with Spreed is fast and global. Because, as we know - time is money!

  • Partner Support: coordination with partners, development of project plans, collaborative planning of business volumes and customer acquisition - all this is possible with Spreed in the area of partner care. Speed also plays an important role here - "the early bird catches the worm"! Partner support becomes more comprehensive: just as well, short Trainings and the presentation of new offers are available online.

  • Legally safe closing and signing of contracts: By the way, in connection with icoya eForms and icoya Signature Server (also struktur AG solutions), Spreed represents the complete sales cycle including the legal signing and automatic processing of orders and contracts. Ask us!

This list is only an inspiration. The possibilities with Spreed are endless. From generating interest, over first conversations, up to closing the deal - Spreed accompanies the complete sales cycle