Spreed is the perfect marketing tool.
  • Attention: win instant attention by presenting new products and services with Spreed. Interactively introduce products through screen sharing and audio-video broadcast. Marketing teams save valuable time in the coordination of campaigns and plans. Gained time may be spent to intensively pursue interested parties and reach them faster.

  • Teamwork: use Spreed in order to define goals, strategies, and actions in local and global as well as internal and external teams. Concrete tasks such as designing campaigns, creating marketing plans, and executing marketing measures are comfortably mastered over Spreed. Whether brainstorming on Mind Map, Whiteboard or in Chat, creativity is able to finally flow freely. Lasting, feasible work within global teams improves creative results and, thereby, maketing quality and speed.

  • Customer Relations: Use the simple and instant accessibility of Spreed for regular "Spreedings" and, in this way, link dating (i.e. the feeling of personal impression effected largely by facial expression and gesture) to meeting (i.e. coming together with the purpose of professional exchange). This on-going service to interested parties, customers, and partners raises their interest and satisfaction.

  • Events: Events are no longer only "in house" or "external", but rather global. Event marketing and management is equipped with a completely new set of tools. With this, entire events become accessible to a considerably wider customer audience.

There are no limits set for cooperations and conferences. Regardless of occasion, Spreed brings you, your employees, customers, and partners closer together.