Conference Speakerphones

spreed Client The all-in-one USB Conference Speaker Microphone.

Spreed Web Meetings are perfectly used with the Spreed Conference Speaker. The device features good sound quality, an extensional headset for further use and is easy to set up on your computer.

Get your Spreed Conference Speaker for just 35,99 £ on (Europe) or 39,99 $ on (USA). Unfortunately, our USB Conference Speaker is currently out of stock.


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The Spreed Conference Speaker
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Spreed Conference Speaker

USB - Plug & Play
Just plug-in the Spreed
Conference Speaker. No
software required.

Keys and indicator
Volume control and
mute keys. The mute-status
is indicated by a LED-light.

Headset Plugs
Connect an external headset
on the back of your device
(optional use).

  Online Manual  
Online Handbuch You'll find general
information about set-up of the Spreed
Conference Speaker
in our online manual.

Download manual


  Questions about set-up?  
Support For detailed information about set-up of the conference speaker on different operating
systems, take a look at the short manual.

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Plug in the Spreed headset
Every Spreed Conference Speaker will be
equipped with a Spreed headset for
optional use.

Plug-in the headset on your Spreed
Conference Speaker while in a meeting to
not disturb your colleagues or to reduce
ambient noise. Be able to still use volume
control and mute keys on the device. There
is no installation required.
spreed Headset
Spreed certified hardware
spreed certified This hardware is certified for Spreed. It is dedicated to work well with Spreed Web Meetings and features best quality standards.