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Organize your Online Events directly on Spreed

Until now you were used to hold Spreed Meetings in your XING network. Expand your options. Arrange your online events directly on now.

As part of the relaunch of the business network XING the Spreed web meeting application will be decoupled from the XING plattform from 6 June 2011.

To continue using Spreed Web-Meetings you have several options:

  1. Register free now for Spreed with your email address (Register now). You can host Spreed Meetings for free with up to 3 participants.
  2. If you want to host meetings with more than 3 particpants you have the opportunity to book a virtual meeting room. You can purchase single events (Spreed Webinars) or flat rate licenses as monthly or yearly subscriptions (Channel or Channel Pro) in the Spreed Shop.
    Ours sales department will advise you which option fits your needs (Request a callback).
    We regret to inform you that the Spreed Channel Pro package for 5 participants that was part of the XING premium membership will not longer be available after 6 June 2011.
  3. Did you already purchase a Spreed license and don't want to create a new account? From 6 June 2011 you are able to log-in directly at with the Spreed Account used on the XING plattform. The accounts will be moved from XING to Spreed.
    Just log-in at and continue as usual. We will sent you a new passwort by email. If you have purchased a Spreed license or phone credit then your license / credit will be available at
  4. Do you have two Spreed accounts – one account on XING and one on If both accounts are registered with the same email address we will combine both accounts into one.
    If you registered with different email addresses then you will continue to have two accounts after 6 June 2011. Please match your email addresses when required.
    Note – any meetings or records created on XING, won't be available any more after 6 June 2011.
  5. Do you regularly use the Ad-hoc meeting room on XING to directly connect with business partners? In our Spreed Service you can use a Call-in Meeting for this purpose. Purchase a flat rate license (Spreed Channel or Channel Pro) at Spreed Shop. Our customer advisors will inform you about the possibilities (Request a callback).
    Please note that a call-in meeting is assigned its own virtual meeting room. After the call-in meeting room has been created, you can not schedule other events with this license.
  6. Are you using the Spreed iPhone app for XING? After 6 June 2011 the Spreed iPhone App for XING will no longer be available. The iPhone App Spreed will be the only App available after 6 June 2011 (available in the App Store). The iPhone App Spreed allows you to manage your iPhone meetings, conference calls and phone calls cheaply where ever you are.
  7. If you want to continue to stay in touch with us, our Webinar Calender at, will continue to offer interesting events about Spreed. Also find us on