Spreed online meeting boosts productivity with mobile apps

Spreed Online Meeting - fast, easy, and secure online meetings and conference calls, now available in a new version for smartphones and tablets

Great stress-free online meetings anytime, anywhere? Spreed just got even better: With the free 'Webinar' app of Spreed, cross-team collaboration on smartphones and tablets is getting more effective than ever. With 'Webinar', you can hold meetings wherever you are - on the road, in your hotel room, or between appointments. The app is now available for free for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) in the App Store.

Using Webinar's effective tools for communication and collaboration, important tasks are done in a flash. One highlight of the app is an interactive whiteboard, which offers the possibilty to construct new project and business plans. These new features are perfect for internal or external business training.

"With Spreed, mobile devices can be used as 'real' workplaces", says Niels Mache, CEO of struktur AG, which develops Spreed. "In particular tablet computers offer the potential to be used as interactive tools for cross-team collaboration. When team members have to travel, they should be able to actively participate in meetings and training, regardless of the device, to discuss and perform tasks within the team. The Spreed app 'Webinar' transforms the mobile experience from passive to active participation - anytime, anywhere."

Spreed 'Webinar' is now available for iOS devices in the Apple App Store. A version for Android smartphones and tablets is coming soon.

Spreed iOS App

Spreed Webinar app: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/webinar/id409145483?mt=8