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spreed offers new features in version 5.5 (now available)

The struktur AG team is pleased to announce spreed version 5.5, which is now available. This version is enhanced with automatic gain control. The meeting window now also shows a clear visual distinction between moderators and participants. The settings for the microphone and the camera are arranged for more ease of use.

Automatic gain control

The automatic gain control offers adaptive volume level control based on the level of surrounding background noise in order to provide consistent volume level to the listener. For example, if the background noise level increases then the audio playback level also increases to compensate for the increased noise. In this way the subjective playback level remains to provide high quality audio.

Improved usability for camera and microphone settings

The settings for camera and microphone in the new version are ordered in a more clear and easy way to simplify configuration.

This usability improvement enables faster handling of the meeting set-up.

Auto gain control Camera and microphone settings popups

Clear distinction between moderators and participants

In order to visually distinguish between moderators and participants more easily, the moderators are now visualized with a larger star symbol. This will reduce the likelihood of confusion in the future.

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