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spreed iPhone App

The spreed iPhone app is available in iTunes stores worldwide free of charge.

spreed With the iPhone App you can conveniently plan and commence web meetings from your iPhone or iPod Touch. In addition you can make phone calls with the spreed app. This can save you a lot of roaming fees when making international phone calls (spreed is cheaper then skype and does not require a WLAN connection).

More information? Follow @spreed_iphone on Twitter. The spreed iPhone app is available in iTunes stores worldwide free of charge.
spreed Website on


  • Cheap calls to/from 240+ countries in the world
  • Easy in-app purchase: top-up spreed call credits in iTunes
  • Works with your iPhone (any mobile operator) or any phone you have
  • Call your contacts directly from your iPhone address book
  • Instant call rate voice message
  • Send Click-to-Call invitations to your friends
  • Use any Mobile Operator Internet or WLAN
spreed is even more than a regular phone app. With spreed you can easily organize conference calls and schedule web meetings worldwide. Invite your meeting attendees directly from your address book, take advantage of local telephone conferencing dial-in numbers, keep track of your meeting invitations and attend telephone conferences with one touch. All at your fingertips.

  • Host web meetings and conference calls at your fingertips
  • Completely free of charge web meetings for up to 3 attendees
  • Easy upgrade up to 1000 attendees with a small one-time or subscription fee
  • Manage and keep track of meeting invitations
  • Free of cost skype dial-in for web meetings and telephone conferencing
  • One-touch access to phone conference dial-in worldwide
  • Worldwide telephone conferencing dial-in
  • Take advantage of instant ad-hoc conferencing rooms
  • Easy in-app purchase of spreed web meeting rooms in iTunes
  • Use spreed desktop web meeting. Macs, PCs and Linux are fully supported

  • Total international call rates up to 90% lower than regular operator rates.
    Example: calling UK from the US cost 3.6ct per minute (landline) and 23.3 ct/min (UK mobile)
  • Find actual rates on
  • Web meetings are free of charge for up to 3 meeting attendees
  • Low subscription fees for spreed web meeting services with more than 3 users
Example: unlimited number meetings with 20 attendees (“spreed Channel-20”) is available for low 99 US$ per year
  • Visit for more information about spreed web meeting features and pricing.


  1. Load the free spreed iPhone app from the App Store. iPhone OS 3.0 and higher required. Install and start app.
  2. Set-up your spreed user account by providing name and email address.
  3. Set your iPhone no. (or for iPod touch a land line or mobile no.) in the settings menu before making phone calls.
Now you are ready to make phone calls with your iPhone or iPod. As new user you get up to 15 free calling minutes (limited offer, actual call duration varies depending on call rate).

  1. Choose an address book entry or directly dial the number from your spreed keypad.
  2. Your phone will ring. Pick up the call. spreed tells you the call rate while your call is being connected with the phone number you have entered.
  3. Start talking.

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Customer Reviews

Saves roaming costs. Works great.
I was looking for an app for making international phone calls whithout paying high roaming fees to the carrier. I use skype with the iPhone as well but spreed has many advantages for me (in the past I have used the spreed Web app but the native app is much more convenient). With Spreed phone calls are normal calls. My phone rings and the I get connected to the number I want to call. As a frequent traveler I enter the direct call number of the hotel room to use a normal landline phone. Normally the own number is my IPhones number. Spreed does not need an Internet connection during the call. It needs only a short Internet connection to establish the call. The voice quality is great (US to UK to Austalia, Europe and Japan used so far) and the call rate is better then skype. Also, spreed has no unfair connection fee like the skype surcharge with each call. I personally enjoy a feature very much which allows me to call directly from the address book. There is also a state-of-the-art Web Meeting feature which I have not used on the iPhone so far but in the Web. with this Last not least I top up my phone credits from iTunes. This is really great.
Great app. Cheaper than Skype.
Easy to use call connect phone. Excellent for overseas calls. Good voice quality, cheaper than skype. Real phone calls, not VoIP. WIFI not required. Offers free web meetings and payed worldwide telephone and web conferencing. No connection costs! Can really recommend this app.
Spreed - a practical cost saving tool
Spreed is the a great cost saving app - with it I can make calls overseas at VoIP rates not my carriers so called discounted long distance rates, thank you Spreed! With the iPhone app I can easily call family, friends all over the worlds, from anywhere in the world, at the same low cost rate.