Global web meeting leader launches USA headquarters

CHICAGO, Illinois (June 1, 2012) - Spreed, a global leader in online meeting solutions, is proud to announce the opening of their United States headquarters. To better serve a growing North American customer base, Spreed CEO Niels Mache selected Chicago, one of the fastest growing technology hubs, as the home of Spreed North America.

"This is a perfect example of Spreed’s fluency in connecting people," said Niels Mache, CEO of struktur AG / Spreed. "While customer support requires no physical presence, Spreed recognized the need for live, timezone-specific service and has made that happen to better connect to their customers. It is a great choice for Spreed and the beginning of a new era in online meetings for North America."

Spreed is a global leader in secure online meeting services and hardware solutions for leading businesses worldwide. In a commercial climate that relies on constant global connectivity, thriving companies choose Spreed for most secure online meetings, webinars and live training online. Boasting a capacity of tens of thousands of attendees, Spreed meetings offer a full range of standard and specialized online meeting features including shared online workspace, local dial in and mobile apps.


Spreed North America
1824 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

+1800 969 8776