KGSolutions Offer spreed Web Meeting Services in Japan

KGSolutions Offer Free Web Meeting Services “spreed(TM)” Sign Agreement for Japanese Market with struktur and Saloob http://www.web-stage.jp/spreed Read more more


spreed WebMeetings save time, money and help to reduce global warming

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Screen Sharing for Mac OS X

spreed screen sharing is now available for Apple Macs. Read more more


Customer satisfaction survey

We have created an online survey to improve our product and service. Read more more


World Wide Web Meetings. Any Time and Any Where.

With spreed, Web meetings are held just as traditional meetings normally are. Invite participants, hold presentations, explain concepts, distribute documents, or simply meet colleagues online. Accelerate decision-making and processing with visual real time communication – and improve quality of results. Read more more


World’s first free web meeting service

On December 28th 2007, the professional web conferencing service spreed celebrates its third anniversary. Read more more


spreed Connect for Apple iPhone

December 21, 2007 - spreed Connect Web-activated telephone for quick and cost effective phone calls. Read more more


spreed Live-Trainings Unleashed

The long awaited spreed recording has been released to the public. The new recording feature is called spreed Live-Trainings. Read more more


Eclipse Summit Europe 2007

spreed broadcast the Eclipse Summit Europe 2007 live from Ludwigsburg, Germany. Read more more


spreed gives away iPhone and launches global telephony service

Stuttgart, June 29, 2007 - spreed, the online service for Web meetings, conferences and E-Learning now also provides telephony services with "spreed phone". "spreed phone" can be used to make phone calls on any connection in spreed meetings worldwide as well as to invite participants to Web conferences by phone. The greatest advantage of spreed phone, however, is that no software is required for making phone calls. Like spreed, "spreed phone" is also a browser-based Web 2.0 application. To celebrate the launch of the "spreed phone" Web 2.0 phone, spreed gives away a mobile Web-capable Apple iPhone in a prize draw. Read more more


High-Security for Free

Availability of high-security encryption for free spreed web conferences (Meet THREE for FREE). Read more more


Ad-hoc announcement: spreed release spreed maps

Stuttgart, March 27, 2007 - Mind Mapping tools have been dominated by expensive platform-centric single-user applications. spreed announces the release of spreed maps collaborative, platform independent mind mapping application. Read more more


CeBIT Germany 2007: spreed me! Face-to-Face Meetings

spreed unveils spreed me! on-line face-to-face meetings. Read more more


CeBIT 2007: 1-Click web meetings for Outlook and Zarafa Groupware

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CeBIT 2007: spreed – An online conference service with revolutionary new features

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