New Meeting Products, New Prices & More Features

In January 2012 we are going to offer new services. With the new service offering the product names will change as well to reflect the typical application of the respective meeting service.

So don't be confused with the upcoming product descriptions in the online shop and on the Spreed website. From the beginning of next year on the Spreed “Channel” and “Channel Pro” meeting service is named Spreed “Meeting” and “Meeting Pro”, respectively. The Spreed “Webinar” will change to Spreed “Event”. With the new product names the Spreed meeting features will even get better!

The new features available will be: greatly improved PowerPoint compatibility including PowerPoint 2010/2011, PowerPoint slides with animation effects. In addition to new features all customers with “Pro” meeting services (Channel Pro/Meeting Pro) will get a personal meeting room for ad-hoc meetings! Please find in the overview below the new product names and a summary of the new meeting features:

Free Meeting Meeting Pro Event
Create permanent meeting rooms - x x -
Personal meeting room for ad-hoc meetings 1
- - x -
PowerPoint presentations with animation effects, improved PowerPoint 2010/11 compatibility 2
- - x -
Telephone conferencing flat rate with dial-in numbers in many countries worldwide - - x x3
Audio/video recording, unlimited play-back - - x -

1 Available on January 1, 2012.
2 Available on January 1, 2012.
3 Telephone conferencing is inclusive for Events up to 100 participants. For events with a larger number of participants we offer higher telephone conferencing capacities on demand. Please contact us for more information.

New prices

From January 2, 2012 on the pricing of online meeting services will change. The Spreed Event will be available at a lower pricing. E.g. the new price of Event-100 (up to 100 attendees) is reduced to EUR/USD 149.00 (actual sales price is EUR/USD 199.00).

The introductory sales price for Meeting-20 and Meeting-5 Pro online meeting services will expire on January 1, 2012. In case you want to benefit from the actual prices we would like to recommend that you order online meeting rooms (and activate the new meeting room next year) before the end of year to save costs. Please contact us by email ( or phone (+49 711 89 66 56 66) to extend your service with the current pricing.

Please find below the new online meeting service pricing valid from January 2, 2012:

Meeting Room Duration Price in EUR/USD*
Meeting-20 1 year 199.00
Meeting-50 1 year 299.00
Meeting-100 1 year 499.00
Meeting-5 Pro 1 month 49.00
Meeting-5 Pro 1 year 299.00
Meeting-20 Pro 1 month 159.00
Meeting-20 Pro 1 year 999.00
Meeting-50 Pro 1 month 299.00
Meeting-50 Pro 1 year 1,999.00
Event-10 One time event 19.90
Event-25 One time event 59.00
Event-50 One time event 99.00
Event-100 One time event 149.00
Event-200 One time event 249.00
Event-300 One time event 399.00
Event-400 One time event 549.00

*Prices excl. VAT/GST.