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Phone calls to Japan 0.1 ct/min

Phone calls to Japan cost 0.1ct US per minute, 50 minutes free.

Stuttgart, March 18
Spreed phone calls to Japan cost 0.1ct US per minute, i.e. 1000 minutes phone calls (landline) cost 1 US$.
Phone calls can be made directly from a Spreed Web meeting (Spreed Out) or with the free Spreed iPhone application using the Spreed Connect cll-connect feature. As new Spreed Connect user you get 10ct US (10ct EUR) calling minutes free of charge (no credit card required) for 50 minutes free phone calls between USA, Japan and Germany. The actual Spreed call rate for phone calls to Japan, USA and Germany is as low as 0.1ct US (or 0.1ct EUR) per minute! Follow @spreedapp on twitter for the latest news.