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Spreed Call ButtonYour online visitor is connected to you through a simple click on the Spreed Call button – without tedious dialing. The phone call is free of charge for your customer and we charge only a very small fee for phone calls (less than 3 ct per minute for landline calls within Europe and the United States). For more information please refer to the international call rate list.
You can determine yourself which landline or cellular numbers and which countries you want to accept. Design your own Click-to-Call button or use an already-created Spreed Call button. Spreed Call turns the online experience into a personal conversation!
The button above is an example of the Spreed Call Button. Try-out the Spreed Call Button and get connected to our
Spreed customer service! Note: please keep in mind our 9am-6pm opening hours of our Europe office.

30-Second Easy Integration
The Spreed Call Button is inserted into a Web page like a normal graphic and link. JavaScript or Flash is not required. The Spreed Call Button can be used on any Web site, for eBay auctions and your email footers.

Converts online visitors to sales
Spreed Call Button
is the best tool ever for conversion of online visitors into sales leads. Greatly improve the conversion rate of Google AdWords® with Spreed Call.

Are you eBay PowerSeller?
Use Spreed Call Button to get better sales and ratings. We offer 30-day money-back guarantee. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

You can use your own call-button or our ready-to-use call buttons. For your convenience we have prepared a number of call buttons. You can link the Spreed Call buttons or create a copy. Ready-to-use Spreed Call Buttons are available online. Click here to browse and link the buttons.

Use the online moment of your visitors! Spreed Call allows you to communicate with your online visitors quickly and easily. Like no other Click-to-Call / Click-to-Meet service on the market Spreed Call offers fantastic possibilities and flexibility.

Spreed Call Click-to-Call Button

  • Custom call-buttons and ready-to-go call-buttons for your convenience. Click here to browse and link the buttons.
  • Super-easy use on your Web site, in your email footer and PDF-documents.
  • Worldwide toll-free number for your online visitors and friends.
  • Less expensive and much greater flexibility then a toll-free number.
  • Configurable countries and telephone number ranges (specific numbers or ranges can be disabled).
  • Flexible opening hours (time, day, holidays).
  • Web-based set-up within the "My Spreed" user interface.
  • Call-back function. You never miss a call again.
  • Notification by email and short text message (optional)
    • get informed by email when you missed a call,
    • call-back your visitor with a single click or simply tap-to-call the visitors phone number on your mobile phone,
    • receive a text message on your mobile (option).
  • Text reader speaks your visitors name and other information on the phone. Before you get connected you will know:
    • your customer's name,
    • the country and/or state to call,
    • optional questions,
    • which product or service your online visitor is interested in.
  • Intelligent call forwarding
    • direct the call to any destination worldwide,
    • choose multiple numbers to dial, e.g. office and mobile,
    • let Spreed Call dial numbers depending of the time of the day and/or country or state of the call.
  • Call diversion for corporates and call-center:
    • Round-Robin scheduled Calls,
    • Random Call-Dialing,
    • Busy-Wait Diversion.
  • Privacy protect
    • your privacy is protected. Your visitors will never know your phone number(s).

Spreed Call turns the visitor’s online experience into a personal conversation! Spreed Call qualifies leads in just a few seconds. Spreed Call shortens the sales cycle of high-value and support-heavy products and services in a phenomenal way. Spreed Call helps you qualify and provide effective support to leads. There has never been a better way to increase your online sales, provide customer support and lower your operating costs.

Get more from your phone!
Start using Spreed Call now. Spreed Call is free to use*. Join Spreed, click on Spreed Call and get your button. Click here to join Spreed.

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* Spreed Call is free to use. However, we can not offer phone calls completely free of charge. US calls cost 2ct per minute, and most Europe landline calls 2ct per minute. Australia, China, India and Japan landline call-rates are few Cent per minute. Refer to the international call rate pages for actual call rates.