Spreed Call Avatar

Try our Spreed Call Avatar and call our Spreed-Team now - it is so easy to use and free of charge. Just click on the call-button beneath our avatar, named "Lara".

Our avatars are perfect representants for the presentation of your products and services. We offer you different characters from which you can chosse from:

Spreed Call Avatar is easy to integrate into your HTML-Websites. You can use it as a perfect tool for presenting your products on the Internet - even on eBay. Use it as an eBay Powerseller and you will benefit from better ratings and increasing sales. Check out our call rates and compare with Skype.

On an innovative way Spreed Call Avatar offers you new possibilities in establishing contacts with your online visitors. There is no other sales-tool that offers you this wide range of possibilities.




  • Five different characters to choose from:
    • Lara, David, Anna, Ben, Yuki
  • Change your characters cloth
  • Avatar speaks when a visitor enters the site
  • Synchronized movemends of lips
  • Different ways of welcome your visitors
    • Welcome visitors on every visit, daily, weekly, monthly or just once
  • Configurable audio file (MP3, WAV)
  • Configure all colors
  • Configurable texts
  • Configurable buttons (text, color)
  • Different settings of language and countries
  • Web-designer friendly: the avatar is configurable very easy by using JavaScript in you HTML-code
  • 8 different languages available (German, English, Frensh, Australian, Canadian, Japanese)
  • Spreed Call Spreed Call Click-to-Call is a great alternative to 0800-numbers.
  • Worldwide toll-free number for your online visitors and friends.
  • Less expensive and much greater flexibility then a toll-free number.
  • Configurable countries and telephone number ranges (specific numbers or ranges can be disabled).
  • Flexible opening hours (time, day, holidays).
  • Text reader speaks your visitors name and other information on the phone. Before you get connected you will know:
    • your customer's name
    • the country and/or state to call
    • optional questions
    • which product or service your online visitor is interested in
  • Web-based set-up within the "My Spreed" user interface.
  • Choose multiple numbers to dial, e.g. office and mobile.
  • Call diversion for corporates and call-center:
    • Round-Robin scheduled Calls
    • Random Call-Dialing
    • Busy-Wait Diversion
Spreed Call Web-MeetingsMake optional use of Spreed web-meetings and present brochures or your products live via Internet, while you are phoning with your customer. You can even show your screen or applications. There are so many possibilities just by combining our Spreed-tools.

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