Spreedbox Spreed.ME Secure WebRTC for ownCloud 8.1/8.2 available

Anticipating the release of the Spreedbox secure video chat and file exchange, Spreedbox manufacturer struktur AG released Spreed.ME Secure WebRTC software for ownCloud 8.1/8.2 as open source software.

Spreed.ME ownCloud app is immediately available for installation in the ownCloud app store: https://apps.owncloud.com/content/show.php/Spreed.ME?content=174436

Spreed.ME secure video chat and file exchange Thanksgiving edition for ownCloud 8.1/8.2

  • Securely communicate with your friends and family using rich audio, video and text chat right from your ownCloud installation – in your browser
  • Share presentations and other documents and save them to your ownCloud
  • Share your ownCloud presentations and other documents
  • Share your computer screen
  • Share YouTube videos
  • Much, much more :)

Spreedbox - most private video chat and file exchange

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