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Spreed 2.9: New Spreed lobby, optimized dial-in etc.

Dear customers,

we are excited to announce an optimized Spreed experience in Spreed 2.9. Please note the following changes:

  • New lobby
    First impressions count. In a meeting the lobby is that first impression for participants. We listened with a redesign and additional lobby features. Previously you could play videos and presentations in the lobby but participants had no control. Now participants can control video playback themselves. Spreed telephone conferencing dial-in numbers are now conveniently displayed in the lobby. Participants can call into meetings in advance before the meeting starts. Technically, the lobby is based on HTML5 and includes a fully compatible Flash video player.
  • Look and Feel
    Apart from the lobby, the user interface has also been revised. Spreed is now optimized for larger screens and shows useful tooltips with additional information for moderators (e. g. PIN in the participant list for 'Public Meetings') or participants (information about the installed Flash version).
  • Comfortable dial-in – at home and on the road
    Spreed invitations now also include a URL for mobile dial-in. By clicking on this link, your smartphone or tablet automatically lets you join a Spreed conference call. Spreed meetings can be joined on almost every smartphone/tablet without dialing manually.
  • International meetings in different time zones
    Spreed is available in 15 different languages. When logging in, Spreed is automatically displayed in your chosen language and time zone. From now on, participants see the same time zone as the meeting host and can adjust it if necessary. Apart from the default invitation, you may save additional invitations in any language. Should the language used in the invitation email not be available for Spreed, the language of the host will be displayed.

Try out the new features. May your Spreed moments provide even more meeting comfort.

Spreed Team

new lobby

Screenshot: new Spreed lobby