Spreed Scan-to-Present let you scan your documents into PDF-files for instananeous on-line presentation. Spreed Scan-to-Present is the simplest and most efficient way for presenting photos, medical-images, journals, books or hand-drawings in a Spreed web-meeting. Spreed Scan-to-Present is based on icoya TeraScan, the industrial-grade high-performance scan solution from struktur.

The unique features of Spreed Scan-to-Present are:
  • Scanning of pages and images to PDF-files for immediate online-presentation in Spreed meetings
  • Scan-to-PDF: create PDF-files from scans
  • True-color, greyscale and B/W scans with any resolution supported by the scanner (scan resolutions are typically ranging from 75dpi to 9.600dpi)
  • Thumbnail preview of scanned pages
  • Scroll wheel zoom and page view
  • Append pages to existing PDF-files
  • Views and prints scanned PDF-files (requires Acrobat® Reader)
  • Unparalleled performance - high-performance image compression techniques and built-in multiprocessor support for very high scan throughput
  • Scans any number of pages without memory problems
System Requirements 
  • Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista
  • Supported scan devices: TWAIN or Windows imaging device compatible.
Evaluation Version
Spreed Scan-to-Present is available for download as an evaluation version. The evaluation version will put a watermark on scanned pages. Licensing Spreed Scan-to-Present will let you scan-in content without  watermarking.

You may download an evaluation copy of the scan frontend icoya TeraScan from our download server on

Please call us for Spreed Scan-to-Present pricing and licensing.

Volume Licensing

We offer corporate licences and volume discounts. Please contact us for details.