Spreed UCS - Unified Communication Server

Spreed Unified Communication Servers for Service Provider and Enterprises

With the Spreed Unified Communication Servers we offer key-turn solutions for in-house enterprise conferencing and for telecommunication and Internet service providers providing conferencing services to their customers.

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Spreed Unified Communication Server (UCS)
For corporates and government institutions we offer dedicated servers for in-house usage. Spreed UCS are available as software or as conference systems (server appliance hardware). Spreed Unified Communication Servers are highly scalable by design. One physical server simultaneously simultaneously serves up to 1,000 conference rooms and 10,000 participants.
The Spreed Unified Communication Server.

Server characteristics
The Spreed Unified Communication Server characteristics are
  • Serves up to 1,000 conference rooms and 10,000 simultaneous participants per server
  • High reliability and serviceability (RAS)
  • High availability through server clustering and fail-over
  • Available as Virtual Appliance, native application and server appliance
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Availability of Spreed Unified Communication Server (UCS)

  • Spreed UCS Parallels Virtuozzo Container (Virtual Appliance)
    The Spreed UCS is available as Parallels Virtuozzo Containers virtual appliance. Parallels Virtuozzo Containers offer a number of advantages such as easy maintenance and migration and excellent reliability and scalability. For further information about Parallels and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers read the case study about deploying the Spreed Global Conference Room on Virtuozzo Containers. Spreed UCS Parallels Virtuozzo Container is the primary option of choice for ISPs and added-value service provider.
  • Spreed UCS Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    For those customers who want to deploy or offer Unified Communication Services without the need to operate, host or rent physical servers, the Spreed UCS Virtual Appliance container for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) will be your choice. The EC2 setup is pretty quick. If you already have an Amazon Web Service account it will take just a few minutes to put the Spreed UCS online. With EC2 Spreed UCS services can be flexible scaled up (and down) to utilize a few or even hundreds of CPU's within minutes.
  • Spreed UCS Software
    The Spreed UCS is available as native server application for the deployment on your server hardware. Please contact us for further details about Spreed UCS Software.
  • Spreed UCS Appliance (all-in-one server)
    Spreed UCS is available as a high-availability server appliance in standard 1HE and 2HE 19-inch rack mount. With Spreed UCS Appliances we offer various options such as on-site maintenance, form factor options, high-bandwidth options (up to 16Gbps) and HA clusters.
Spreed Streaming Concentrator
Streaming concentrator server for a capacity of 10,000 additional participants. Recommended for load-balancing, bandwidth-spreading, for multi-point intercontinental web conferencing, for distributed conferencing and for satellite upstream/downstream links. The Spreed streaming concentrator utilizes a highly-efficient real-time datagram protocol for superior low-latency high-bandwidth communication.

Administration and maintenance
The Spreed UCS comes with versatile maintenance tools for system administrators. Thanks to the virtualization, Spreed UCS is highly reliable and easy to maintain. Thus, setting up conferencing service for in-house Intranet usage or for providing communication/conferencing services online is easy and quick. In addition to single server configurations we offer load-balancing and high-availability installations such as distributed load-balancing, cold standby or hot fail-over.

White label and private branding
You can easily make Spreed look like an integral part of your Intranet and your corporate identity. As the manufacturer of the Spreed we offer individual customization of the Spreed UCS.

For Spreed Unified Communication Server we offer maintenance and service level agreement (SLA). Please contact our sales team for further information about pricing, licensing and leasing terms.

Full service hosting
In addition to Spreed Unified Communication Server systems we offer hosted and maintained Unified Web Meeting services. Please contact our sales team for further information.

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