Unified Conferencing. Any Time and Any Where.

With Spreed, an Online Meeting is held just as a traditional meeting. Invite participants, hold presentations, explain concepts, distribute documents, or simply meet colleagues online.

Web 2.0 - Web Meetings without Software
The use of Spreed web meetings is easy
and intuitive. Using Spreed does not require to run or install a software. All you need is a web browser. Spreed meetings can be held with PCs (Windows and Linux) and Macs. In addition to VoIP Spreed supports normal telephones for audio conferencing.

Green Light for Effective Meetings
Spreed Web meeting and conferencing services are worldwide. More than 120.000 users benefit from Spreed Unified Conferencing services.

For your convenience the Spreed brochure is available for download. Click here to download the Spreed Web Meeting brochure (PDF).

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
On the Spreed support pages you will find comprehensive information about the frequently asked questions, requirements for using Spreed and further information. The Spreed manuals and reference cards are available for download on the support pages as well.