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Spreed Connect - FAQ
Frequently asked questions and answers.
Spreed Connect is simple to use and reliable. However, if there occur problems or if you have more questions, please find your answer here. Alernativelly use our contact form.
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question What is Spreed Connect?  

Spreed Connect is a web-activated phone which allows you to transact cost effective phone calls with your mobile or any other phone. Spreed Connect is being controlled via web-browser. Just enter your number into the panel and add the number of a contact. Immediately you will be connected on your phones. It's that simple. No calling plans. No monthly fee.
question How to use Spreed Connect?  

Please have a look at our Spreed Connect how to use website. Watch the following video to see Spreed Connect on the Apple iPhone.

question Do I need a headset?  

No, Spreed Connect works with any phone you already use, including ordinary land-line and mobile phones. No software or download required.
question What phones can I use with Spreed Connect?  

Spreed Connect works with every phone, whether mobile or land-line. You need a web-browser to start a connection. Modern smart-phones as the Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung do have an integrated web-browser. Spreed Connect is perfectly aligned therefor. Also, make private phone calls from your business phone. No numbers are being recorded for billing.
question How to save money with Spreed Connect?  

With Spreed Connect, you bypass expensive international mobile fees. Now, for the first time, you can call friends and business partners overseas from your mobile phone at lower cost and with the same convenience as calling a local phone number. By using Spreed Connect you can save up to 3 US$ or 2.7 EUR per minute(T-Mobile - value on August 2008). Actual savings can vary depending on the destination being called.
question How to sign up? Are there fees on sign up?  

Sing up for a Spreed Account is for free and there are no additional fees. Just visit our sign-up form and create your free Spreed account, today!
question How to fill up my account with credits?  

First, sign-up, then visit the Spreed Store to purchase Spreed credits.
question What ways to pay?  

We accept all credit cards, worldwide (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and others), PayPal, bank transfers, and pay-on-bill. Spreed Credits are available in the Spreed Store, but can be purchased via phone as well (worldwide).
question Spreed Connect and security issues  

Being a professional service for consumers and business people, Spreed Connect is solely financed by its users. We do not rent or sell any information about our customers to third parties. Make private phone calls while in the office - don't worry about your number being recorded or listed on the subscriber's bill.