Inexpensive phone calls, worldwide!

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Inexpensive phone calls from your mobile, worldwide
Spreed Connect is a Web-activated telephone for quick and cost effective phone calls. Just simply use your telephone to make calls to any location worldwide. Spreed Connect offers lowest international call rates to your family, friends and your business contacts all over the world. No more do you have to pay high call-charges to keep in touch.
Inexpensive phone calls, wherever you are!  

Spreed Connect lets you keep in touch with family, friends and your business partners wherever you are - via mobile and land-line phone.

Weltweit telefonieren Make inexpensive phone calls from overseas to your home country or to any other country.

Make oversea phone calls from your home country - inexpensive, whether you use your mobile or land-line phone.

Spreed Connect features privacy and safety. Make private phone calls while in the office or at home - there are no numbers collected for the subscriber, also no numbers appear on your phone bill.
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Pay As You Go with Spreed Connect. No calling plans. No monthly fee. No expiry. Make national and international calls to any destination worldwide at any time of the day. Spreed Connect does not require a software. You just use a web browser, your iPhone or a smart phone to call any destination world wide. It is that simple.

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Easy to use on web-browsers or your iPhone!  

Open Spreed Connect on a web-browser. Type in your phone number (you can store your default phone number in your Spreed account "My Spreed"). Type in your friend's phone number and click "Call". First, you answer a call, then your friend is going to be connected with you. It's that simple.

spreed Connect

See a detailed guide to use Spreed Connect:
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spreed Connect
Spreed Connect contains an optimized version for the Apple iPhone. Just visit with your Safari web-browser. However, Spreed is also functional with any other mobile and land-line phone.
* spreed Connect does not support emergency calls, e.g. 911.
     Save money on phone calls!
Spreed Connect allows inexpensive phone calls, worldwide.
Germany arrow USA (country gr. 2)
Spreed T-Mobile Savings
13 ct/min 1.44 €/min 1.31 €/min
USA arrow Deutschland (country gr. 1)
Spreed T-Mobile Savings
13 ct/min 80.0 ct/min 65.8 ct/min
Compared: Mobile calls via T-Mobile international phone rates - Valid from August 2008.
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     No Spyware. No Adware.
With Spreed Connect you do not have to worry about privacy and the safety. Spreed Connect
is not an advertisement financed service. According to the law your data is kept strictly private and is not sold or rent to third parties.

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