Internal and external enterprise communication

Spreed greatly enhances training-capabilities, communication and customer satisfaction.
  • Events: Events are no longer only "in house" or "external", rather global. Event marketing and management receive a completely new set of tools with which to make the entire event accessible to a considerably wider customer audience.

  • Meetings: Internal or external - with Spreed, worldwide meetings are easily summoned at short notice. In global teams, necessary to service international enterprises, Spreed is ideal for regular coordination or a "Jour Fixe". Likewise, cross-company teams, along the value creation chain or in projects, obtain a new communication means with

  • Teamwork: Use Spreed in order to define goals, strategies, and actions in local and global, as well as internal and external teams. Desiging campaigns, creating marketing plans, executing marketing measures and other tasks are comfortably accomplished over Whether brainstorming in Whiteboard or in Chat, creativity can finally flow freely. The continuous work possible within global teams improves creative results and, thereby, marketing quality and speed.

  • Employee training: Efficiently train employees regionally, nationally, or globally over Spreed. New products, offers, experiences, and methods can be presented, discussed, and communicated. Convey and augment the most important company asset: knowledge. No time restraints, location boundaries, or any other restrictions.