Collaborative whiteboard for presenters and participants. Develop and visualize ideas and concepts within the team online. In contrast to the conventional flipchart, the Spreed whiteboard offers collaborative painting tools and text annotations with which concepts can be quickly visualized. Joint brainstorming within the team, developing of ideas, and elaboration of concepts become totally independent of location and physical presence.

Spreed Live-Documents: Spreed Live-Whiteboard offers integrated PDF (Portable Document Format) support. Documents and whiteboard annotations can be downloaded as structured PDF files for printing and archiving . PDF files are always in-sync with the whiteboard content creating live PDF documents.

Create diagrams simply with boxes and circles; mark sketches with text-functions; and highlight important points with the digital text marker. Writings on the whiteboard may be collaboratively changed, and rearranged by the presenters in a meeting. Spreed whiteboard drawings are shown to all participants without delay in real time. Presenters can work simultaneously on the whiteboard and contribute their drawings to all meeting participants.

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