System requirements Find requirements on your bandwidth and system on this site, so that you can use Spreed Web Meetings without any problems.

To host and participate in Spreed Web Meetings you simply need a web browser. There is no additional software required. However, to meet without any problems, please make sure that your system complies with the requirements:

Bandwidth and firewall  

A good and stable Internet connection is important for successful web meetings. Please make sure that your upload is at least 250 kbit/s and your download is at least 512 kbit/s when using Spreed.

Also, please ask all participants to test their connection before the meeting starts, so to prevent problems. A connection test is provided here.

Please take note, that with some firewall settings the communication between your desktop and the server goes through a "HTTP proxy" server. Depending on your available Internet bandwidth and the speed of the Proxy server, audio and video can be delayed. If the latency (the delay) is higher than 200ms you should speak with your system administrator to enable TCP port 1935 (outgoing only) to let Spreed communicating faster. In rare cases "stateful firewalls" may interrupt the Spreed connection after some amount of data has been transferred. Contact your system administrator in this case.

Requirements on your system  

There is no additional software required to host and take part in Spreed Web Meetings. The following requirements on your system should be fulfilled:

dotIntel/AMD 1.6GHz
   Processor or higher.
dotOS X: PowerPC G4 1.25GHz
   Processor or higher.

dot512MB RAM or above.

Graphics Hardware
dotDiscrete graphic adapter
   with 8MB Video RAM or
above recommended.
  Operating System
dotWindows Vista, Windows XP,
   Windows 2000, Windows 7
dotMac OS X 10.3 or higher.
dotAll Linux Distributions
   from year 2006 on.

dotEstablished web browser with
   Flash Plugin (from version 7)

Additional Components  

Use a headset or a conference system (e.g. Yamaha PJP) to transmit audio. Do not use a microphone in combination with loud speakers (e.g. on a notebook) due to the lack of echo canceling.
arrowRecommended conference systems

To enable video in a Spreed Web Meeting you will need a web-cam. We recommend integrated web-cams, as is Apple iSight, as well as Logitech web-cams (e.g. Quickcam Pro 9000, Logitech Quickcam Pro for notebooks). If using a logitec, please try not to install the additional software but only use the web-cam's driver.
  Connection Check  
Connection Check The Spreed Connection
Check tests the maxi-
mum bandwidth Spreed
can be used with and shows up problems that can occur in a meeting. Time to test: about 90 seconds.

arrowStart Connection Check


  Check list for web meetings  
check Cost free Spreed Account
check No additional software. You only need a web browser with Flash Plug-in.
check Correct firewall configurations.
check Microphone connected.
check Webcam activated (optional use for video conferencing).