Take advantage of your visitors' online experience!


Help your customers find what they’re looking for on your website before they leave the site. Reach your online visitors in the same way as a bricks and mortar business. Just one click on your website‘s Spreed Call and your online visitor can communicate with your company via telephone. No more tedious number dialing. Your customer reaches your business directly and without ever leaving your site.

Free of Charge
Spreed Call is completely free of charge. You only pay for telephone minutes with call rates significantly lower then skype. See Spreed call rates for detailed information about our international call rates.
For your convenience the Spreed Call brochure is available for download. Please click here to download the brochure (PDF).


Spreed Call Avatar

Welcome your online visitors with a personal greeting and a friendly smile! The Spreed Call avatar is an ideal representative for the presentation of your company and its products. Just one click and your visitor is connected via telephone with your company. In addition to phone calls, products and services can be immediately presented live via a Spreed Online Meeting!
Spreed Call Button

Your online visitor is connected to you through a simple click on the Spreed Call button – without tedious dialing. The phone call is free of charge for your customer. You can determine yourself which landlines or cellular numbers and which countries you want to accept.
Design your own Click-to-Call button or use an already-created Spreed Call button. Spreed Call turns the online experience into a personal conversation!
Spreed Call Video

Spreed Call Video allows you to enrich your website with Click to- Call video presentations. Within seconds Spreed Call call-connects you with the online visitor. Like no other sales tool, Spreed Call Video converts page impressions into qualified sales prospectives. In addition to telephone, Spreed Call Video allows for immediate online meetings with video, PowerPoint presentations, and screen sharing.
Take advantage of these features
Spreed Call allows you to communicate with your online visitors quickly and easily. And you don‘t even need a computer or the Internet. Just a telephone will do. Online visitors can contact you directly on your website – without having to look for or dial a number. The built-in Spreed Call voice processor tells you on the phone valuable information about your online visitor before you pick-up the call:
  • your visitor's name
  • questions (optional), and
  • where your online visitor's browser is located on your website!
In addition, Spreed Call offers call diversion, forward-on-busy and more.

  • Personal phone calls instead of forms.
  • Built-in voice processor tells you on the phone your visitor's name, questions and the visitor's location on your website.
  • Worldwide free of charge phone call for your online visitor.
  • Less expensive and easier to use than a 0800-number.
  • Spreed Call is available as click-to-call link or button, as speaking avatar and as video call.
How Spreed Call works

Immediate telephone contact

Offer your customers the ability to contact you with a simple click, before they leave your website.

Live personal communication

Provide support to your online customers directly and personally on the phone. Explain your products and answer their support questions – all while your customer is still on the site.

Online Web-Meeting

Help your customers navigate your website, fill out forms and provide valuable feedback. Help your visitors find additional up-sell and cross sell products through Web Meetings.

Spreed Call turns the visitor’s online experience into a personal conversation! Spreed Call qualifies leads in just a few seconds. Spreed Call shortens the sales cycle of high-value and support-heavy products and services in a phenomenal way. Spreed Call helps you qualify and provide effective support to leads. There has never been a better way to increase your online sales, provide customer support and lower your operating costs.

Tip: If you use Google AdWords® for lead generation, Spreed Call can greatly contribute to the conversion of web clicks into sales leads.
Safe and without hesitation
Use Spreed Call and don't worry about the safety of your system or your privacy.


Participants’ phone numbers and privacy are protected. Phone number ranges and individual countries can be blocked.

Calls are free of charge for your customers. Spreed Call is easier, less expensive and more globally accessible than an 800 number.