Integrate Spreed Call into websites, Emails and PDF documents

Integrate your Spreed Call into your website, your Email footer or your PDF documents to get a fast and uncomplicated way for new and existing customers to contact you:

1. Log in to your Account, you are getting forwarded to "my Spreed" automatically.

2. In the navigation on the left side under "Spreed Call" go to "Integration".

3. The generated code contains the line "Spreed Call_ticket", "Spreed Call_language" and "Spreed Call_country". The values within the quotation marks are important when integrating the Spreed Call button.

To use Spreed Call avatar: simply embed the complete JavaScript code to your website

To use Spreed Call button: copy and paste the values within the quotation marks from the lines "Spreed Call_ticket", "Spreed Call_language" and "Spreed Call_country"into this link:
" Call_button?setLanguage=EN&setCountry= us&ticket= ticket code=".

Then, create an URL to the Spreed Call Button image using the URL above.

Email Footer

The example below is a email footer. Just insert a linked image to your call URL in your footer.


Phone      +49 711 896656 66
Fax          +49 711 896656 10
Call me instantly:
struktur AG / Spreed
Kronenstr. 22A
D-70173 Stuttgart

Visit our Website:

Configure and customize your Spreed Call the way you like it. Simply change the variables of the JavaScript code. Find a detailed Spreed Call documentation attached below as PDF:

Download: Spreed Call Button integration manual (PDF)

Download: Spreed Call Video integration manual (PDF)

Download: Spreed Call Avatar integration manual (PDF)

How to create a PDF document with Spreed Call click-to-call button:

1. Create your PDF document as usual and add the Click-to-Call image at the place in the document where you want it to be.

2. Open the PDF Document with a PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat.

3. Select the click-to-call image (with Acrobat enter the select image mode).

4. Right-click to open the menu and create a Web link by entering the URL to the Spreed Call

5. Save the document. Done!