Frequently asked questions

  • Personal conversation instead of chat or contact form
  • Much more cost effective and flexible than a toll-free number
  • Available as Button, Avatar and Video-Call

What is Spreed Call?
Here is a quick summary and usage example of the Spreed Call:

  1. The online visitor or your friend click on the Spreed Call click-to-call button (or avatar or video) on your web site or email footer.
  2. Your visitor enter the name, phone number, and an optional question.
  3. Within seconds your or your company's telephone(s) will ring. A voice will tell you the name of your visitor/friend, his geographic location, optional questions and from what page or product of you website he/she is calling from
  4. Your visitors telephone will ring and you start talking.
    Spreed Web meeting option: when you have enabled a Spreed web meeting with the call (a permanent "call-in" meeting room), seconds later your visitor enters a multi-media web meeting. Your visitor can see your photo or live-video, your presentations or live applications on your desktop screen. You can chat and invite other participants to join the web meeting. Isn't this a cool feature?
You can define multiple telephone numbers for call-diversion, enter a call center number, and schedule calls depending on time of the day and geographical location of your visitor. For instance, your office phone is dialed during day-time and your mobile phone is dialed in the evening. On the weekend, calls can be recorded or forwarded to your call-center in other parts of the world. We found a good feature that your telephone number(s) are kept private. Privacy is really important for social network platforms and eBay auctions when a prospected purchaser contacts the seller by the telephone using the Spreed Call button.

Do I need a headset?
A headset is not required to use Spreed Call. You (and your online visitor) simply use the phone you have. You can use any telephone worldwide, mobile phones, landline numbers with call-extension and more. Special functions for call-centers enable round-robin scheduling, random call-dialing, busy-wait diversion and more. You never need a software to use Spreed Call.

How much does it cost?
The use of Spreed Call Button is free of charge. For businesses we offer a monthly plan for features such as call-center scheduling. The Spreed Call Avatar and Spreed Call Video are also available small monthly and yearly fee.

Can I use Spreed Call within emails and documents?
Sure. In addition to web sites Spreed Call click-to-call buttons can be used in email footers and PDF documents.

Can I use Spreed Call with eBay® auctions?
Yes you can. Spreed Call can be used in eBay auctions. By using the Spreed Call Button you get better sales and ratings from your purchasers.Your phone number is protected and your prospective buyer will never know your phone number(s). We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Can my customers or fiends use Spreed Call with all computers?
No, like YouTube Spreed Call works with 99,1% of all computers. The online visitor will need a Flash player to use Spreed Call.